Your all-in-one online marketing logistics partner

Log in anytime, anywhere with your laptop or mobile and get an immediate overview of your deliveries and marketing collaterals. When you need certain items delivered, simply schedule a delivery online with 48 hours notice to your preferred location and boom, we're there! No phone calls or unexpected surprises. We deliver on time, every time.

Why Choose Spaceship?

Flexible storage

Pay for what you use with our flexible monthly pricing model with low minimums and no long term contracts.

Online photo inventory

Easily view and manage all your marketing collaterals online. Pick and choose only what you need returned.

Delivery and logistics

When you combine transportation and storage, you deal with one vendor. When you deal with one vendor, you win.

Event Props and Collaterals
Professional Movers Singapore

One number on speed dial just for your marketing collaterals

Spaceship wants to revoluntionize the way marketers work.

As experienced marketers ourselves, we understand the pain of preparation, transportation and collection. Therefore, we are committed to simplifying logistics of your marketing collaterals for you. Instead of having to deal with individual movers, part-timers and contractors, we combined all three roles into one so you'll only need one number on speed dial - ours.

Stacks of brochures or flyers and cartons of give aways items can take up substantial amount of space at the office. It's way cooler to turn that space into a movie bean bag room or a second pantry.

Trusted by more than 100 global and local companies

"Have been working with Spaceship for 2 years now and going. The team has been awesome in supporting me with storage, delivery and warehouse logistics of marketing stuff. The team never fails to give me peace of mind that my goods will be secure, well- organised and timely delivered. Really glad to have them and they will be a professional approach to your storage and event management, too."

 Wei Ming

Marketing Executive

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