Real-time view of your inventory

Real-time view of your document box

Log in anytime, anywhere with your laptop or mobile and get an immediate overview of your document boxes in storage. When you need certain documents, simply schedule a return online with 48 hours notice. No phone calls or unexpected surprises.

Why Choose Spaceship?

100% Secure Storage

Manned document storage facility with 24/7 CCTV surveillance. To ward off uninvited guests, pest control management is present within the facility.

Individually Barcoded

Each document box will be tagged with its own serialised security lock. The serial number makes finding a particular box easily when you need it.

State-of-art Facility

Stored in a humidity controlled facility installed with automated storage retrieval system (ASRS), document boxes are handled with upmost care.

Warehouse Storage Singapore
Warehouse Delivery and Storage Space

Dedicated Document Management Storage

Spaceship has dedicated an entire warehouse solely to document storage to safeguard your records. We understand that every document embodies high potential value. Therefore, we are committed to minimising risk and cost for you.

To further enhance security at our document storage facility, we have inbuilt an automated storage and retrieval system to reduce the interactions between your document box and man. This decreases confidentiality breach and accidental damages.

Trusted by more than 100 global and local companies

"Took a tour around the document storage facility before hopping onto the Spaceship, was absolutely in awe of it. They had robots retrieving the document boxes and there were security officers at the entrance. When we started, we only stored about 30 boxes with them as a trial but when our contract ended with another vendor, we switched provider because of how much more convenient it was to retrieve the boxes and price was comparable."

 Sally Lee

Office Manager


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We're here to help! Just let us know
spaceship's customer support person
We're here to help! Just let us know